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So, why should you choose Integral?


What Exactly Do We Do at Integral?

We accompany and advise companies and businesses by creating their own unique marketing strategy and fitting them with an integral, effective and innovative marketing plan. We also deal with branding and re-branding, executing overall marketing processes and generating creative campaigns.

In fact, we create that special double-sided glue that connects customers and companies, and assist by managing customer relationships overall.


Our Clients and Us

We see ourselves as our clients' partners, on their road to success. That is why we treat our work and relationships with a lot of initiative, responsibility, commitment, and always with a proactive approach. Instead of spreading out, we prefer synchronizing and working with a variety of suppliers, and by doing so, we save our partners a lot of time, energy and headaches by concentrating all their marketing activity in one place that understands their way of thinking and keep things moving according to schedule.

Marketing Solutions that Work for You

Our solutions are not just attractive and innovative, but also connected directly to our partner's business in order to promote them as much as possible both on the business and the reputation levels.
We are not just looking to win praise. We promote our partner's business interests. Period.

Together on the Web and in the Real World

We provide our partners with multiple media solutions. We work both online (the virtual and new-media worlds) and off-line (the "real" world by print, events, PR, guerrilla marketing, etc.), separately or smartly combined according to our partners' actual needs.

Marketing that is Suited for You

We are proud to provide a wide range of solutions tailor-made to our partners' needs (and their customers' needs) and attributes. Our services are managed under a single, well managed, professional and well-oiled roof, starting with the concept, and all the way to full execution.
Our focus is first of all on the people, and only then the marketing platforms are built accordingly.

Our Philosophy

Don't ask "if" it can be done. Ask "how" it can be done (…and if so, with a lot of creativity doing so).

Some of our Fields of Activity:

Building Marketing Strategy | Establishment and Management of Customers Loyalty Programs | Newsletter and E-mails Marketing Activity Management | Website Design, Development and Promotion | Graphic Design | Product Development and Design Support | Events and Exhibitions | Catalogue Design | Marketing Writing | PR | Business Photography | Product Photography | Advice and Preparation for Spokespersons and Lecturers at Conferences and Events, and more ...

In short, almost all strategic-business-marketing fields in order for your company to achieve an extraordinary marketing impact.